Our Media, Ourselves: Are We Headed For A Matrix?

Design Within Reach? The cool sterility of 2001: A Space Odyssey is just one example of how pop culture expresses an anxiety that's seemingly about technology, but may be as old as time.

An incredible audio report from All Things Considered on NPR by Bob Mondello.  Man, who traditionally knows himself by his artifacts, is at risk of loosing it all as we sacrifice our books and information to off site servers we call “clouds”.  This provocative piece of editorial journalism is worth a listen.  Go here to hear it and review the transcription.

What Would You Say To Your 20-Year-Old Self?

“I have learned to appreciate myself more — both my body and the kind of person that I am,” she tells NPR’s Michele Norris. “I’ve learned to take myself less seriously, not worry about where I’m going and what I’m going to accomplish — and focusing on the fact that … you have to enjoy this time because it’s only here so long.

Clic here to review this interview of a young blogger who sought advise from beyond her peer group.