The first session is dedicated to receiving the client and listening to why therapy is being initiated.  This may be an initial treatment or a course of therapy dedicated to a deeper understanding of a prior explored or a newly emerging condition.

A careful history is taken allowing the client the opportunity to hear themes and patterns that may provide insight into the distress of the present, affording the experience of the “Aha!” of making the unconscious conscious, the implicit explicit.

A course of therapy is established no later than the third session with efficacy of treatment being revisited at intervals not to exceed 90 days.  A typical completion of treatment is the amelioration or management of symptoms and the ability to be in the moment without perseverating on misgivings or failings of the past or anxieties and fears of the future, i.e. the ability to be in conscious loving relationship with oneself and others.  Interventions derived from insight based, cognitive, Jungian, and existential therapies will be employed.  Dream analysis may also prove beneficial.

Foremost, you, the client, are the governor of the successful outcome of therapy.  It works inasmuch as I, your therapist, am in active partnership with you and your desire to become who you are individually, uniquely seeking to be.  Toward that end I have become facile at affording the client a completely confidential and guilt and shame free environment to process even the most delicate of situations that impact their lives.

In the event that final sessions are foreseen, special effort is taken for closure and/or referral to other providers as appropriate.  So many of our relationships do not have conscious begins or endings.  The planful ending of a therapeutic relationship can shed light upon and even facilitate the commencement of healing of less resolved relationships still impacting our lives.