Clean & Sober

“They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.”
~Rehab by Amy Winehouse – 5 Grammy Awards – 2008

If those lyrics don’t ring a bell for you, then listen to the song and explore the tragedy of the untimely loss of a great artist to the ravages of addiction. The lyrics speak of a veritable truism of addiction treatment. No one can get you to address your addiction issues, but you. Do not mistake the employs of family and friends, difficulties with the legal system, or even the physical ravages of overuse of substances or self-abusive behaviors for personal readiness for change. Only you can enter into a firm resolve to change. And this resolve needs support.

I have  over of twenty years of experience in counseling in support of addiction recovery here in Maine. I have helped many individuals meet and sort out their involvement with addictions be it drugs, alcohol, or compulsions related to gambling, sexual, or relational addictions. I utilize a combination of Motivational Interviewing (MI) as articulated by Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D., & William R. Miller, Ph.D., Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR) of Carl Rodgers, and depth perspective (exploring the relationship between unconscious and conscious motivations) as amplified by Carl Jung as a footing in meeting persons struggling with addictions.

Simply put, clients are afforded the opportunity to explore and examine their relationship to addictive issues in a guilt and shame free environment. Special attention is given to early relational and developmental issues as well as life’s current stressors as they pertain to addictive behaviors.

If you are:

  • Wondering if counseling can help you examine your resolve to change,
  • Finding yourself escaping the difficulties of life in ways that are unhealthy and or in ways that you know you cannot take into longevity,
  • Suffering a separation from yourself, your family, or your spiritual center

then make an appointment.

Addiction recovery counseling to explore your relationship to substances or negative personal or relational habits may be the next step in claiming a life of serenity and equanimity–real freedom.~ Robert Myers, LCPC

One response to “Clean & Sober

  1. If only we could “make” someone get treatment… they may realize how their addiction is destroying them but does the addict really realize how they are also destroying the ones who love them? I wonder… my ex is a sex addict and I don’t think he will ever really want help, he just goes from one woman to the next hurting and hurting, them and himself, so very sad… I will hold him in my prayers and hope for him…

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