• “As a psychotherapist I have henna headshot (2)assisted individuals, couples, and families to become healthier in their relationships, to address their addiction challenges, and to make meaning of traumatic personal suffering. My work being solution focused while drawing from a mythopoetic depth orientation pays special attention to how the challenges in the moment illuminate opportunities and goals for the future. My overarching specialty is the enhancement of personal and spiritual fulfillment through creativity and choice.”
  • Robert brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of clinical, artistic, and spiritual settings along with a rich creative tradition as a composer, poet, and performing artist to his private practice. All people are blessed with a creative birthright that can be severely compromised by unresolved pain and suffering. Issues crying for resolution not only disrupt creative abilities, relationships, and manifestation, but can result in self destructive thoughts, feelings, and addictive behaviors.
  • Every person is unique and striving for their individual road toward fulfillment. Robert’s affinity for the arts and years in offering family support, addiction and trauma recovery, and crisis counseling make him particularly astute at assisting clients in establishing a renewed vision of their potential.