Are we over-diagnosing mental illness?

by Katti Gray, Special to CNN

  • Experts say normal responses to life’s challenges are too often labeled disorders.
  • Diagnoses have needlessly skyrocketed, say critics of a diagnostic manual.
  • The American Psychiatric Association says critics are overly alarmed.

For this enlightening and provocative article go here.

getting connected…

Dear Ones –

I have, at times, felt sorely disconnected from folks who find my online presence and I have been seeking at least a partial remedy.  This Blog is a step in the direction of having more than just a static web presence, that, hopefully you can feel inclined to participate in.  My plan is to forward musings, articles, and even perhaps therapeutic processes that would be of interest to client and/or practitioner alike – with the hope of having discussion via the comments section.  I encourage posters to be as confidential as they feel inclined to be knowing what a small community we live in.  That is to say, think twice before posting personal or clinical information with your real name or the names of others.

I am excited by this board and what it may become.  Thank you in advance for your participation at whatever level you feel comfortable.